Live Stream Production

As life got pushed into quarantine in 2020, obviously we (The Munoz-Stock Team) couldn’t hold any concerts, art events or festivals for the remainder of the year – Like many people we jumped online.  This channel of Munoz-Stock we decided to call MSE’s (Munoz Stockin’ Events) Show On The Go! Hosted by The Muckrakers & Friends.  With the help from my brother’s band The Muckrakers and good friend/aspiring actor Joey Bosco we created a live show format.  We feature local musicians (not limited to New York), artists, video games and skits created by the team.  We will be continuing this format every month even after the COVID quarantine is up.

Production I handled on this project include:

  • Motion Graphic Animation for Intro
  • Lower Third Graphic Overlays
  • Script and Scheduling
  • Talent Scouting
  • Promotional Graphics
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Post/Pre Production Video Editing