Evan Muñoz

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I’m a Graphic Designer with over 8 years of experience working with marketing teams and event production. Print projects include workbooks, business cards, event signage, stage backdrops, event badges, direct mail, sponsorship proposals and retail package design. Digital media projects include PowerPoint presentations, social media graphics, banner ads for websites/Google Ads, email marketing, web design using WordPress, motion graphics, illustrations, video/podcast editing, and YouTube development.

Over the years I have collected a wealth of knowledge for just about any project. When I’m not at work I produce a variety of music and art events, including a yearly festival that highlights the creative community on Long Island. I am also an avid Urban Gardener, give me a space and I’ll grow veggies in it.

As an Artist and Designer I am intrigued by a challenge and enjoy community building.

Currently experimenting with 3D Printing & DIY Electronics



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