Music Festival Production + Marketing

Munoz-Stock 2017 @ Broadway Commons - Long Island, New York - Music / Art / Video Game Festival

Muñoz-Stock is an Annual Summer Art & Music Festival with Games, Prizes & Giveaways. The Festival is created by bands for bands – hosted by The Muckrakers , a Punk Rock Band from Long Island & Co-Produced by Skuby Media.

Muñoz-Stock History:

Muñoz-Stock started in 2012 at the Muñoz residence in Plainview, NY. Our event started out as a gathering for my brother’s punk rock band The Muckrakers and their colleagues they met along the way. Every year we noticed our crowd growing larger and larger, attendees started marking Muñoz-Stock in their calendars. We also noticed the talent improved and was coming from further distances to play at our event, we have had bands and attendees from New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

It wasn’t until 2014 that we decided to take the event to the next level, we added games, prizes and giveaways. 2016 we gathered 160 people at our home in Plainview,NY. We also managed to get a Long Island booking agency to attend, a local video game retailer gave us support through giveaways and we even managed to donate some money to a family member struggling with cancer through a bake sale. 2017 We held our event at Broadway Commons in Hicksville, NY. This has been our break through year! We have taken this event from a little backyard gathering to an action packed Music, Art & Video Game Festival! This year we featured 12 local up & coming bands, Live Painters, Video Game & Corn-Hole Tournaments, & 10+ Vendors.

We are looking to GROW Muñoz-Stock to help local artists, foundations & businesses of all types gain exposure.

Uncle Skuby’s Work for Muñoz-Stock:

Evan Muñoz (Aka Uncle Skuby) helped monetize, brand, market & structure Muñoz-Stock to bring the event to the next level.

Check out what I’ve worked on over the years:

2014 – Designed the Official 2014 Muñoz-Stock Poster

Munoz-Stock Poster - 2014

2015 – Designed 2015 Muñoz-Stock Poster // Built two Corn-Hole sets // Built a RaspberryPi Arcade Machine

2016 – Designed 2016 Muñoz-Stock Stickers // Added A Blow-Up Projection Screen & Mario Kart Tournament to the mix

2017 – Designed Event Branding & Visual Design // Created Marketing Campaigns with Stickers, Videos & Images // Organized Event Relationships with Mall, Live Painters, Vendors, Games & Sound (Supplied by AudioDrone from MoshSquad)

For more on Muñoz-Stock check us on Facebook! – Muñoz-Stock

Muñoz-Stock is Co-Produced by The Muckrakers & Skuby Media