One Eye Jacks Open Jams

One Eye Jacks Open Jams was a bi-weekly Open Mic created by me Evan Muñoz. I was asked by the owner of One Eye Jacks for weekly event ideas.

I came up with 2 ideas, one of which incorporated their convenient Jello-Shot Machine (“Battle Shots”) and a board game night I would have posted on my Meetup account. Second idea was an Open Mic for DJs since the owner of the bar also owned a DJ business.

The owner went with the Open Mic idea, but for all musicians not limiting to DJs. For about a year I ran One Eye Jacks Open Jams with featured local acts from Long Island. We had full live bands, comedians and even iguanas come through to One Eye Jacks Open Jams.

We still host shows at One Eye Jacks to this day – Munoz-Stockin’ Events

Photos shot by me Evan Muñoz: