FoodStuffs By Phil – Video Production

FoodStuffs by Phil - Videos Produced by Evan Munoz

A friend of mine was starting a food delivery service on Long Island called FoodStuffs by Phil.  I really believed in his food service so I assisted him in creating a series of videos showcasing how he made some of his best recipes.  This is an on going project, as I will be helping him build out his digital marketing to grow his business.  I wanted to focus on Instagram short form content as well as YouTube long form content.

Long-Form Content:


Short-Form Content:


Looping Background Animated Gif in Adobe After Effects


I wanted to experiment with ambient logo backgrounds in Adobe After Effects, so I turned to my good old friend YouTube for answers.  I found this tutorial by swissives

This tutorial was great example of using the camera and it’s depth of field feature.  After completing the tutorial I swapped out the crosses for my logo.  I then exported the image as an animated gif in Adobe Media Encoder, here’s the final animation.


Sketch N’ Chill Video Montage in Adobe Premiere CC

Eric's Farewell Video Montage Created in Adobe Premiere CC By Evan Munoz - Video Editing on Long Island, New York - 2020

So our Mayor of Sketch N’ Chill decided to get up and leave New York to live in Arizona… FOREVER Maybe.  I had known Eric for a very long time as well, we went to the same school – POBJFK High School on Long Island, New York.  He was always the life of the event I held every 2 weeks at a bar called The Republic in Farmingdale.  Members as well as good friends supplied drawings and videos to produce a memorable piece of content for his Facebook page.  I collected all these various forms of media and created this video to give Eric an energy boost to grant him the confidence he needs to start fresh.

Here is how the Video Montage came out: