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Gavin Aung Than is a former Graphic Designer turned freelance cartoonist.  Not only are his cartoons based on inspirational quotes, but for me even his story of how he started earning money through his blog makes this guy an inspirational wizard!  Gavin retired being a graphic designer and makes a living through his blog and doing what he loves, cartooning!

Check Out his work below, I know I will!

ZEN PENCILS - Cartoon quotes from inspirational folks

See More of Gavin’s work below

ZEN PENCILS – Cartoon quotes from inspirational folks.

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John Lewis Christmas Ad | A Mix of Hand Motion Animation Converted into Stop Motion

This could have been produced using standard animation, but the creative team said the hell with that lets go all out! For a much more complex and time-consuming hybrid of hand-drawn animation converted into stop motion animation. The work they put into this is insane! Everything in the background was made in real life not drawn or 3D rendered!!

Amazing work!

Check out behind the scenes below

Gorgeous Digital Illustrations | by Jakob Eirich

Gorgeous Digital Illustrations by 2D German Illustrator Jakob Eirich.  I love all of his work, some of the pieces are a perfect blend of humor and quality.  I especially like “The Night of the Living Geek,” that one got me cracking up at my desk.


Check out more of his breath taking work below

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The Original BitStrips!

I love that BitStrips has given people the ability to create avatars of our selves without being able to draw or use various programs that us designers are familiar with.  But with that being said I have created an almost BitStrip like scene here that I feel could have been created using the popular app.  The sketch was done with fine tipped gray shade markers.  Let me know what you guys think.  Events depicted may or may not have happened…..

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Insane Sketchbook Works – by Pierre-Yves Riveau aka Pez

Well I’ve been trying to sketch something everyday on my lunch breaks, it’s kind of a meditation thing I’ve been doing for the last 10 minutes of my lunch break before I have to get back on the computer to do some digital work. But some people like to spend all day with their pencil and sketchbook and that’s when amazing things begin to happen.  French artist Pierre-Yves Riveau aka Pez seems to dedicate a lot of his time to sketching and it clearly shows! Check out his work below:

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Famous logos if they were Heavy Metal Bands by Christophe Szpajdel

Here are a couple Famous Logos if they were Heavy Metal Bands by Belgian sketch artist Christophe Szpajdel.

I thought this was cool considering I am in the works of creating a new t-shirt for my brothers Punk Rock band, The Muckrakers.

I love the dark gothic feel to these clean modern logos.

You can see more at

GWARRRR! Famous logos get black metal makeover | Logo design | Creative Bloq.