Re-Designed WordPress Featured Images 2020


As many things have changed in 2020, I felt my Featured Images for my Portfolio Widget in WordPress needed to be adjusted to the correct dimensions.  I simply took a screenshot of the web page and created a Photoshop template to the correct dimensions for my WordPress Portfolio Widget.  Worked on each image to showcase the best featured of each portfolio project.

The end result of these featured images drastically changed the feel of my home page.  They fit the dimensions and give my user a more confident visual experience. Below are the “Before & After” images.





The Deadpool Video Game Website | Single Page Scrolling Websites

As the madness on black friday slowed down, I went out yesterday to purchase the fairly new Deadpool video game.  This witty comic book character makes the video game a fun and hilarious experience.  Today I came across the website for the game and had almost as much fun as playing the game!  The website is a single page website much like the site I am creating, also it doesn’t have and Parallax while scrolling it is still a fun and exciting website.


Check out the Website and the Video Game below


Subtle Patterns | Free textures for your next web or personal project.

Subtle Patterns can add just that extra something you needed for your website or app or what ever you are creating.

I love to make my own, but if you’re feeling a bit lazy here is a site of over 300 very subtle but intricate patterns.

Click Below for the whole mother load of subtle patterns

Subtle Patterns | Free textures for your next web project..

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SNES Mario Influenced Portfolio Website – by Robby Leonardi

As I am coming closer to finishing up the art work for my portfolio site ( I like to browse the internet for ideas on how mine could be designed or laid out, and it is driving me crazy! Almost every time I search I find new and innovative portfolio sites that make me want to change my design!  I almost always go back to mine design and change something!


Well here is my newest inspiration.  It is the portfolio site designed by Robby Leonardi a multidisciplinary designer based in New York. He does illustration, graphic design, animation and front-end development.

His portfolio is a SNES Mario influenced website, the whole page is like walking through the game and I am in love with his site!


Check Out his site below it is amazing!

Robby Leonardi |

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