FoodStuffs By Phil – Video Production

FoodStuffs by Phil - Videos Produced by Evan Munoz

A friend of mine was starting a food delivery service on Long Island called FoodStuffs by Phil.  I really believed in his food service so I assisted him in creating a series of videos showcasing how he made some of his best recipes.  This is an on going project, as I will be helping him build out his digital marketing to grow his business.  I wanted to focus on Instagram short form content as well as YouTube long form content.

Long-Form Content:


Short-Form Content:


Creative Graphic Design Resumes | Along with my NEW Resume Re-design | by Evan Munoz

As creative professionals, everything we do has to be creative in someway!  At least that is how I feel, so why not dress up your resume?  After all as designers, isn’t our job to organize data in a more visually pleasing manor?  With that being said I found an article on that inspired me to Re-design my resume to make it look like a designer created it.  What do you guys think about this topic?  Should designers keep a standard resume or a more graphic oriented resume?

Andddddd as promised here is my take on this topic.  Please let me know what you think!  Would you hire me if you saw this?

Evan Munoz's Resume

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Want More Shares on Facebook? – 14 Ways to Boost Your Page – Infographic


Want more shares on Facebook??

I think the most important thing that I got the most out of is #11 I am changing my content for my page, and #7 just ask people to share and they might do it.

Here is an beautifully designed infographic from Shortstack to help you out!

Want more tips? Check out Mari Smith’s website bellow

How To Get More Shares on Facebook – Infographic.

If you can spare the time let me know how my page is doing