Chevron Home DIY Accent Wall


One morning I woke up to an Instagram DM from an old co-worker from years ago at a catering hall on Long Island, NY.  She had asked me if I knew how to paint an accent wall or if I knew of anyone that could create the design she was looking for.  I had replied back that I was willing to take on this project.

Here are the example images I was provided of a chevron pattern on a white wall:


I went to my friend’s house took photos to mock-up a couple designs in Adobe Photoshop.  Here’s how the mock-ups came out for my friend to visualize her space with various designs I would hand paint.

Once I had an approval on the design she’d like, I bought the materials from my local Lowes, then practiced on a couple pieces of MDF I had laying around.  I then got to masking the wall with 1″ tape to make sure the columns of arrows were straight and space out correctly, boyyy… that took a long time to layout.  The next time I do something like this I might bring a second person to help get done faster.  I used a triangle with a 45° angle to help me paint the lines of the chevron the same.  This just about under 10′ wall took me about 9 hours to hand paint, my friend was very happy with the results!

If you’d like advice on how to paint a DIY Hand Painted Chevron or something similar as an accent wall or you’d like me to paint it for you if you live on Long Island, NY, shoot me an email ~

Here was my progression throughout the day:

Custom Laser Engraved Wooden Karate Belt Holder

Custom Laser Engraved Wooden Karate Belt Holder - By Evan Munoz (Aka Uncle Skuby)

So, my girlfriend has a sister that can kick Sponge Bob’s butt in Karate… and to be honest, most people’s butts if they were looking to be kicked. For her birthday, her Mom thought it would be nice to get her a Karate belt holder, she asked me if there was anything cool I could come up with, I looked at her and said, “You’ve come to the right place” as if I was a destination. I added LED lights to the back of a Karate Belt unit and asked Surface Grooves to Laser Engrave her name in Japanese at the top. I simply sent over an Adobe Illustrator file over to Surface Grooves and gave them the belt holder and it was done in under 15 min.

This was a fun project, I would love to do more of these!

Custom Fabrication work on Long Island, New York – Feel Free to contact me or Surface Grooves.

For your next Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, Communions, Confirmations, Sweet 16’s, Quinceañeras, Weddings, Bridal Showers, Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties, Graduations, House Parties, Concerts, Birthday Parties, etc. on Long Island, New York


Custom Stuff you don’t feel like building or have the tools to build.

GIANT! Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Control

Giant NES Nintendo Entertainment System Control ~ For Rent ~ Long Island, New York ~ East Coast US

As a “youth”, I have always wanted a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), I remember going to a family friend’s house when I was younger to play “Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt” it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Then in 2019 I would see on Instagram various forms of the NES system popping up at events or Comic-Cons, I guess I wasn’t the only “youth” obsessed with Nintendo in the late 1990’s. After seeing so much inspiration I decided to create my own entertainment piece to showcase the knowledge I have acquired with my 29 years of experience on this planet. I drew up a single design with a certain understanding of what people wanted when at a superior party in New York. I collected fragments of recorded memories inside my brain from working with entertainment companies like Creative Games Inc. in Hicksville, Long Island. I designed a Giant LED Functional Nintendo (NES) Control. Using experience from working at companies like Surface Grooves in Oyster Bay, Long Island as a Custom Fabricator, I had an understanding of how to assemble, paint and prepare wood elements for visual center pieces at events. I used websites like Instructables to get a better understanding of how to create the object I desired.

I then purchased various parts I needed, for the buttons I used a USB Joy Stick Board you would use to build a retro arcade unit.  Then I used a series of bolts and springs for the larger buttons to hit the smaller buttons and bounce back.  I then painted the MDF wood , ordered thick cut plexi and got a friend to slice vinyl up for finishing touches.  When dark, I pop two 30 watt LED lights in there for that illuminated Legend of the Hidden Temple look…

Here is the final product that had it’s premier debut at Munoz-Stock (Hosted By The Muckrakers) 2019 at Station Sports in Huntington, Long Island. Designed and produced by Evan Muñoz (Aka Uncle Skuby).

Visit Munoz Stock Rentals for more info about how to rent my GIANT Nintendo Control for that special occasion… because other wise it will just sit in my tiny apartment…

Available to rent for Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, Communions, Confirmations, Sweet 16’s, Quinceañeras, Weddings, Bridal Showers, Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties, Graduations, House Parties, Concerts, Birthday Parties, etc. on Long Island, New York.

Or if you just want me to build you one or a different game system, I’m down – Let’s build!