FoodStuffs By Phil – Video Production

FoodStuffs by Phil - Videos Produced by Evan Munoz

A friend of mine was starting a food delivery service on Long Island called FoodStuffs by Phil.  I really believed in his food service so I assisted him in creating a series of videos showcasing how he made some of his best recipes.  This is an on going project, as I will be helping him build out his digital marketing to grow his business.  I wanted to focus on Instagram short form content as well as YouTube long form content.

Long-Form Content:


Short-Form Content:


Business Card Redesign


My Dad asked me to print more business cards, the only problem with this… was that this design was made when I first graduated LIU Post in 2012.  I desperately wanted to adjust the design, it was cringe worthy as my designing techniques have changed drastically.  Only changing the design slightly, I am very happy with how these business cards came out.  I sent these cards to my local printer Grand Prix Litho on Long Island instead of VistaPrint like I did the first time around.  Since I didn’t go with an online company I was able to get a better quality product and it didn’t break the bank.  I chose to go with a Satin Matt Laminate with a Raised Spot UV on 16pt cardstock.  I absolutely love these and so does my Dad!

Original Design:

Evan-Munoz-Graphic-Designer-Long-Island-New-YorkEvan-Munoz-Graphic-Designer-Long-Island-New-York Evan-Munoz-Graphic-Designer-Long-Island-New-York


Looping Background Animated Gif in Adobe After Effects


I wanted to experiment with ambient logo backgrounds in Adobe After Effects, so I turned to my good old friend YouTube for answers.  I found this tutorial by swissives

This tutorial was great example of using the camera and it’s depth of field feature.  After completing the tutorial I swapped out the crosses for my logo.  I then exported the image as an animated gif in Adobe Media Encoder, here’s the final animation.


Typography Motion Graphics Animation in After Effects


As I was examining my Graphic Design Portfolio website, I had determined that I needed something on my home page that showcased my Motion Graphics skills.  I had done a bit of searching and found a couple artists on Behanced that had nice Typography Animated Gifs that I was inspired by.

Below are images that I aspire to replicate to add that extra motion I needed on my website:

Mat Voyce - Animated Gif - Amazon
Mat Voyce – Animated Gif – Amazon


Andrei Robu - Moving Poster Series - Animated Gif
Andrei Robu – Moving Poster Series – Animated Gif

To begin learning this Typography Animation technique I found a tutorial on YouTube by a Motion Graphics artist that goes by the name of Dope Motions.  This was a perfect project to experiment with After Effects and 3D text elements.

Finally here was interpretation of an Animated Gif with Typography.  I will continue to experiment with this form of Motion Graphics, what I would like to try is create a highly polished Adobe Illustrator text element and then bring it into Adobe After Effects to add the extra motions desired for an even deeper distortion effect.


Re-Designed WordPress Featured Images 2020


As many things have changed in 2020, I felt my Featured Images for my Portfolio Widget in WordPress needed to be adjusted to the correct dimensions.  I simply took a screenshot of the web page and created a Photoshop template to the correct dimensions for my WordPress Portfolio Widget.  Worked on each image to showcase the best featured of each portfolio project.

The end result of these featured images drastically changed the feel of my home page.  They fit the dimensions and give my user a more confident visual experience. Below are the “Before & After” images.





Chevron Home DIY Accent Wall


One morning I woke up to an Instagram DM from an old co-worker from years ago at a catering hall on Long Island, NY.  She had asked me if I knew how to paint an accent wall or if I knew of anyone that could create the design she was looking for.  I had replied back that I was willing to take on this project.

Here are the example images I was provided of a chevron pattern on a white wall:


I went to my friend’s house took photos to mock-up a couple designs in Adobe Photoshop.  Here’s how the mock-ups came out for my friend to visualize her space with various designs I would hand paint.

Once I had an approval on the design she’d like, I bought the materials from my local Lowes, then practiced on a couple pieces of MDF I had laying around.  I then got to masking the wall with 1″ tape to make sure the columns of arrows were straight and space out correctly, boyyy… that took a long time to layout.  The next time I do something like this I might bring a second person to help get done faster.  I used a triangle with a 45° angle to help me paint the lines of the chevron the same.  This just about under 10′ wall took me about 9 hours to hand paint, my friend was very happy with the results!

If you’d like advice on how to paint a DIY Hand Painted Chevron or something similar as an accent wall or you’d like me to paint it for you if you live on Long Island, NY, shoot me an email ~

Here was my progression throughout the day:

Sketch N’ Chill Video Montage in Adobe Premiere CC

Eric's Farewell Video Montage Created in Adobe Premiere CC By Evan Munoz - Video Editing on Long Island, New York - 2020

So our Mayor of Sketch N’ Chill decided to get up and leave New York to live in Arizona… FOREVER Maybe.  I had known Eric for a very long time as well, we went to the same school – POBJFK High School on Long Island, New York.  He was always the life of the event I held every 2 weeks at a bar called The Republic in Farmingdale.  Members as well as good friends supplied drawings and videos to produce a memorable piece of content for his Facebook page.  I collected all these various forms of media and created this video to give Eric an energy boost to grant him the confidence he needs to start fresh.

Here is how the Video Montage came out:

Custom Laser Engraved Wooden Karate Belt Holder

Custom Laser Engraved Wooden Karate Belt Holder - By Evan Munoz (Aka Uncle Skuby)

So, my girlfriend has a sister that can kick Sponge Bob’s butt in Karate… and to be honest, most people’s butts if they were looking to be kicked. For her birthday, her Mom thought it would be nice to get her a Karate belt holder, she asked me if there was anything cool I could come up with, I looked at her and said, “You’ve come to the right place” as if I was a destination. I added LED lights to the back of a Karate Belt unit and asked Surface Grooves to Laser Engrave her name in Japanese at the top. I simply sent over an Adobe Illustrator file over to Surface Grooves and gave them the belt holder and it was done in under 15 min.

This was a fun project, I would love to do more of these!

Custom Fabrication work on Long Island, New York – Feel Free to contact me or Surface Grooves.

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